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Staging Lived-In Homes

In addition to staging vacant homes, Staged By Design also specializes in Staging Lived-In Homes. Our Staging Professionals will provide Lived-In Staging Consultations and implement a home Staging plan using your own furnishings. If needed we can supplement your furnishings with our extensive inventory of accessories and furniture rental. Working within your budget we can create a Home Staging plan that works to help sell your home.

Sometimes simply rearranging your own furnishings or adding a few pieces of art or well placed accessories can really enhance your home. Other times the addition of strategically placed furnishings and accessories that are true to the style, architecture and target market will maximize the appeal of your home. Let us provide you with a free estimate.

Our Lived-In Stagings minimize the flaws and maximize the strengths of your home. This transformation will showcase your home at its best while giving you the competitive edge for successfully selling your home.

For the homeowners who prefer to “Do It Themselves,” we will provide a Lived-In Staging Design Plan for a flat rate of $150 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour. Our Staging Professionals will come to your home, do a walk through with you client and within 24 hours provide a detailed report on how to rearrange, organize and de-clutter your living space. We can also provide color consultations if painting is necessary.